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1. Full payment is due before or on date of booked session. 2. The Client is responsible for covering additional fees and costs related to location choice including but not limited to mileage, admission fees, parking, permits, etc. 3. Cameras other than Myriam K Photography's are not allowed at the photo session. 4. The Client is responsible for their own safety, the safety of those who accompany them, and the safety of each minor child accompanying them. The Client agrees to retain custody and control of each child at all times during the session to avoid injury. On behalf of themselves and such children, The Client releases Myriam K Photography from all claims and liabilities of any kind. 7. With this signed contract, Myriam K Photography reserves the right to use the images and/or reproductions for display, publication, or other purposes; including but not limited to use on the Myriam K Photography website, and Myriam K Photography Facebook page. Under no circumstances can a Client use images for commercial purposes, profit, photographic competition, or professional display. 8. No images will be released until Myriam K Photography is paid in full. 10. Myriam K Photography will provide the client with high resolution images from the portrait session. With this disc, the Client may manage and use the image files to produce prints for family and friends, for personal use only. Myriam K Photography is not responsible for printing errors or for quality of prints or products not printed directly by the photographer. 11. Upon signature, digital or handwritten, Myriam K Photography shall reserve the time and date agreed upon. In the event of Myriam Komadowski's illness, other unforeseen circumstance or scheduling conflict, the photographer Myriam Komadowski may substitute another competent photographer to take the photographs or re-schedule. 12. No-Shows-If Client is more than 30 minutes late without contacting Myriam K Photography or does not show at all, and wishes to reschedule after the no-show a $25 fee will be added. 13. In the event that Myriam K Photography is unable to fulfill this agreement in whole or in part due to illness, technical or mechanical failure, or any other reasons that are beyond their control, Myriam Komadowski and Myriam K Photography shall not be held responsible. While every attempt is made to create the best images possible, no particular photo is guaranteed.
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