Love Near the Ocean Is A Beautiful Thing

A month ago I got to travel out West to see the wonderful city of Vancouver and its surroundings on a family vacation. It was awesome. Great food, majestic landscapes and amazing people. Two of those people were my sister and her man. These two are beautiful on the inside and out, such amazing people! So when I was asked to take some portraits of them, of course I jumped at the chance!

We decided on the absolutely gorgeous location of Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. We had so much fun! I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The Love of Siblings

I grew up in a big family. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Our age span is a total of 15 years! I love them all, and I can't imagine my life without them. Now that I have a family of my own, I enjoy sitting back sometimes and just watching my kids interact, play, fight and most of all love each other. It's such a beautiful thing. This brings me to my latest photoshoot. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing these 3 kids, seeing them interact and the love they have for each other. My hope is that you enjoy these as much as I did taking them!

For the Love of Reading...

Hey everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas holiday! Just before the holidays, I had the joy of photographing these great folk! Since it was getting cold out, we opted for the Millenium Library which made an absolutely fantastic place for photographs. It was such a great time, these 3 kids are incredibly adorable! I loved that Z brought his Storm Trooper mask and didn't want to let it go...I didn't mind! Totally reminded me of my youngest...and my oldest to tell you the truth! Both have tenacious spirits. Anyway, enjoy the photos because I certainly did. I feel so blessed because when you get to take photos of lovely families like this one, it doesn't even feel like work!

Winnipeg-A Wintery Photo Wonderland

One of my favourite things as a photographer is meeting new people. It's exciting as they come from all different backgrounds, ages, cultures and the list goes on. Sometimes they are fairly new to the country, such as this feature family. While talking to Gerard and Laura about where they've moved here from and how their experience in Winnipeg has been, I began to see things differently.

You see, I love to travel and would love to move to new places and have new experiences. However, reflecting on my conversations with this beautiful family, I found myself appreciating the small and familiar things much more as I saw things through their eyes. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of a fresh perspective to see things as they should be, rather than boring and mundane. I thank them for my newfound love of this small city and the things it has to offer, one of which is the four seasons. Perhaps I will embrace winter this year... steps.

While I'm taking those baby steps, the first of those steps would be to realise that it's actually quite beautiful taking photos in the snow. Check out the gallery below and see for yourself :)

Beautiful Fall Photos

We had another awesome fall weekend!! The weather was warmer, the colours were beautiful and the sun was shining...what more could you ask for! I had the pleasure of photographing 3 beautiful kids at St. Vital Park. The little guys were busy and certainly made me work to get the shots, but it was well worth it! I just kept thinking how long its been since my youngest was that small...

Here's a few shots, enjoy!

Cooler Than Back to School Portraits

Hi all!

Man oh man this last month has been busy! I don't know about you, but I was certainly looking forward to the kids being back to school, as that means more routine, right?! Well, maybe, but it seems to me that things just got busier! That's alright though, I'm loving every minute of it.

Some of that business is the joy of photo shoots! And I managed to get in an amazing one this week. The weather was gorgeous, sun was shining, it was all in all a beautiful day and the best thing about it was the kids. I feel so blessed, especially that I get to capture their beautiful smiles and captivating personalities. Speaking of smiles, enjoy the gallery below. There's some gorgeous ones in there!

Charity Edwards Donation Drive

Hello everyone!

Some of you might have heard, but for those who haven't, something terrible has happened this last week. My friend's daughter was in an accident which landed her in the hospital fighting for her life. Her road to recovery thus far has been nothing short of miraculous, however she and her family still have a long road ahead of them. The community around them has been astounding! My heart has been longing to help them and when I heard that they had opened a Charity Edwards Donation Fund to financially help out the family, God put it on my heart to help raise money for them.

So, in honour of this wonderful family and this incredibly strong and brave little girl, I am dedicating an afternoon to taking portraits. I will be booking 10 minute slots at Kilcona Park on October 10th starting at 12:00pm. Each slot will cost $20 and will get you 2 digitals. ALL proceeds go to the Charity Edwards Donation Fund. 

To book please contact me at 204-228-8854, through my facebook page or through email at 

Thank you so much for your support!

Back To School Portraits

Hi all!

After being on hiatus, recovering (and a long recovery it has been!) from the car accident last June, I feel its time to get back to what I!

What better time to start then the fresh start of a new school year, with the beautiful autumn colours! I love this time of year, I find it so relaxing.

I'm offering a back to school special. It's a great way to break away from the normal back to school portraits and poses and have some fun, bright photos to hang up for the year! Hope to see you soon!

*Offer expires October 31st, one offer per child.

Feature Family-The Holland-Vermettes

As you may have noticed, I've been a bit on a hiatus these past 6 months. I have been doing some work such as small weddings, families and events but haven't been working too much. This last year has been a bit tough with healing from my accident last June and so I felt that focus on my own family was to be a priority. I want to thank all of you for your support and patience. That being said, rest assured that I'm still around and that come September things will be back in full swing!

On that note, I did have the privilege of taking photos of my sister's beautiful family and I'm so excited to share these with you!

Feature Family

Right before the Christmas holidays, I had an awesome opportunity to photograph this beautiful family at the Hydro Building. They were so friendly and such a joy to work with. Their radiant smiles made it such a pleasure to photograph them. Enjoy!!

Feature Family-The Vermettes

Managed to get this family in right before the cold hit, and I'm so glad I did! They were a blast to work with and were up for anything. I love that! They are so natural and down to earth, it was such a blessing to have the privilege to catch their personalities and the love they have for one another on camera. Enjoy!

Feature Maternity-The St. Jeans

What better way to embrace a new season than to celebrate it with new life. As her due date draws near, Carla gave me the pleasure to capture her last month of pregnancy baby bump. I had fun capturing this family's excitement and loving nature...and Aaron can't wait to be a big brother!

Back To School Special Offer

Summer has come and gone and the school season is once again upon us. This year, I am offering an alternative to school photos. I am calling it "Back To School Mini Sessions". I am offering a 20 minute photo session at a location of your choice and 3 professionally processed digital images of your choice with print release...all for $40. Available for a limited time, book now!

*One child per session, must book in the month of September. Additional images available at extra cost.

Feature Event-Ozana Graduation photos

Hi there! Before I introduce this feature, I just wanted to thank my fans, friends and family for their love and support throughout these last 7 weeks. I'm still recovering from the car accident last month but getting stronger by the day. I couldn't do it without you, so again thank you!

This feature is dedicated to my beautiful niece. I was able to capture a few photos of this gorgeous young woman on her very special graduation day. She had on the most amazing dress and she totally rocked the shoot! Congrats to all the graduates this year, and especially to you Ozana. You are beautiful inside and out, and I know you will do amazing things xo.

Feature Wedding-Marlee & Matt

I had the pleasure of capturing this gorgeous couple's wedding last July. They are so adorable together, I couldn't resist featuring them! They are so kind, loving and absolutely a joy to photograph! Enjoy the photos and please feel free to like, share or comment below.