Winnipeg-A Wintery Photo Wonderland

One of my favourite things as a photographer is meeting new people. It's exciting as they come from all different backgrounds, ages, cultures and the list goes on. Sometimes they are fairly new to the country, such as this feature family. While talking to Gerard and Laura about where they've moved here from and how their experience in Winnipeg has been, I began to see things differently.

You see, I love to travel and would love to move to new places and have new experiences. However, reflecting on my conversations with this beautiful family, I found myself appreciating the small and familiar things much more as I saw things through their eyes. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of a fresh perspective to see things as they should be, rather than boring and mundane. I thank them for my newfound love of this small city and the things it has to offer, one of which is the four seasons. Perhaps I will embrace winter this year... steps.

While I'm taking those baby steps, the first of those steps would be to realise that it's actually quite beautiful taking photos in the snow. Check out the gallery below and see for yourself :)